Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

dandelion and haze

 she stand strongly under the sunlight eventhough she is alone
on her mind, although there aren't someone like her,  there are many friend, like : grass
grass allways be there wherever dandelion is 

dandelion  have special friend in her life who is very close with her
but he can't allways besides dandelion
he is haze
he will meet and hug dandelion just at begining of deepnight until the early morning
when the sun still in her palace

both of them actualy have special feel
but both of them can't tell what they feel
they just can save their feel to another in their deepheart
don't know when that feel can be shoutout from the deepheart

 sometimes when the weather is clean and the sun is fine, 
gentle winds will send one or two lovely seed of Dandelion through the gardens
 there, in new place, dandelion will be newperson with new spirit

 dandelion is never tired to stand
until the sun flow down into her palace again and the night come
she is very happy if the night come
why? because if night come, it's mean she will meet haze again
besides, at night everything will be rilex
dandelion so like night

“love that can stay forever”, which possibly origins from the phenomena of Dandelion’s pretty seed dispersal. There is philosophy in it. It contains too much things: love, freedom, pursuit, letting go, repeated partings, and gains in the giving-ups…It’s beautiful, and sad.


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