Minggu, 03 April 2011

i am today ............

            hello world..thanks for visiting my blog. i hope you are enjoy with my post.. i want to tell you a lot. today i experienced a lot of things.
            started this morning, i met someone who once i noticed (hihi)... after the previous night i dreamed about him. in the dream, we were so close, i felt nervous at this side. and by chance we met today. i'm glad, but a little sad because he ignored me. i feel distance. so faaaar.. as there is s gep between us, whe we distance not so far this morning. but i'm glad to see him, i'm glad for watching him for a moment....

    later, at noon, when i pick up my sister, and the way we want to go downtown to look around for a while and to refresh the brain, i thought it was weird. don't know what, i'm still takes the motorcycle down the street, past mounds of asphalt, winding roads follow the flow. on the way, then i realized that something was missing. it's my cell phone. i immediately stopped and told my sister that my cell phone was no longer in  place (front pocket motorcycle). then, we play the way toward our future. we followed the road. hoping something square lying on one side. far we walked, there was nothing that we found. then we turn again to the road direction but, to no avail as well. and finally we gave up. we thought cell phones had not been my good fortune. finally we continue the journey to the center of town. and i decided not to think much about it anymore ..


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